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OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of cyclophosphamide (CYC) on the development of malignancies and on the long-term survival of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS We used a longitudinal cohort design in which 119 patients (76 women and 43 men) with refractory RA who were treated with oral CYC between 1968 and 1973 were compared with 119(More)
A long-term retrospective case-control study was performed comparing 119 patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with cyclophosphamide and 119 matched control patients with rheumatoid arthritis not treated with cyclophosphamide to determine the risk of subsequent malignancy. Thirty-seven malignancies were detected in 29 cyclophosphamide-treated patients,(More)
BACKGROUND In previous studies, we showed that repeated exposure to (1) house dust mite allergen (HDMA) (Dermatophagoides farinae) caused thickening of the basement membrane zone (BMZ) and (2) HDMA+ozone (O3) caused depletion of BMZ perlecan and atypical development of BMZ collagen (irregular thin areas<2.0 microm in width). OBJECTIVE The purpose of this(More)
A prospective study of infants born to women with diabetes mellitus is reported. The children were examined at birth and followed at 1, 3, and 5 years of age. Medical and psychological information was obtained through follow-up examinations. Intrauterine growth was atypical and there was an increase in neonatal problems and congenital malformations. There(More)
We have examined the relationship between nasal resistance (Rna) and the distribution of ventilation between the nose and mouth in 10 normal breathing children and 15 children who met clinical criteria of mouth breathing. We studied Rna by posterior rhinometry. We used a face mask divided into separate oral and nasal chambers to measure oral and nasal(More)
Soft-tissue deficits over the plantar forefoot, plantar heel, tendo calcaneus, and lower leg are often impossible to cover with a simple skin graft. The previously developed medial plantar fasciocutaneous island flap has been adapted to cover soft-tissue defects over these areas. This fasciocutaneous flap based on the medial plantar neurovascular bundle is(More)
Bacteremia and meningitis due to Streptococcus pneumoniae developed in a 52-year-old man 28 hours after an otherwise uncomplicated fiberoptic bronchoscopy. The patient responded to antimicrobial therapy and supportive care and later underwent pneumonectomy for carcinoma. This report reinforces previous observations that bacteremia may occasionally be(More)
Pasteurella multocida is an unusual cause of septic arthritis with most patients having underlying joint damage or altered host defenses. We report 2 cases of polyarticular sepsis with this bacteria. Predisposing factors in our patients included alcoholic cirrhosis, end stage renal disease and metastatic malignancy. Heightened awareness of this organism's(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper, through the presentation of eight case reports and a limited literature review, attempts to illustrate the negative effect that upper airway obstruction can have on developing dental occlusion and the positive effect that upper airway relief can have on the 'normalization' of various malocclusion patterns believed to be related to(More)