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This paper describes the design and implementation of a system that uses virtual machine technology [1] to provide fast, transparent application migration. This is the first system that can migrate unmodified applications on unmodified mainstream Intel x86-based operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare and others. Neither the(More)
We describe the design of and experience with PointRight, a peer-to-peer pointer and keyboard redirection system that operates in multi-machine, multi-user environments. PointRight employs a geometric model for redirecting input across screens driven by multiple independent machines and operating systems. It was created for interactive workspaces that(More)
As hardware becomes cheaper, rooms with many large displays become practical. The machines driving the displays need to run standard operating systems in order for legacy applications to be used. Getting keyboard and mouse input to all the screens in the room creates complexity and potential confusion—although it is possible to have multiple wired or(More)
The ubiquitous computing rooms and interactive workspaces currently being researched and deployed typically have several large screens and dozens of machines which can display to them. Providing convenient and intuitive pointer and keyboard access in such spaces is a challenge. The room should function as a large virtual desktop, and input should(More)
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