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Every non-amenable countable group induces orbit inequivalent ergodic equivalence relations on standard Borel probability spaces. Not every free, ergodic, measure preserving action of F2 on a standard Borel probability space is orbit equivalent to an action of a countable group on an inverse limit of finite spaces. There is a treeable non-hyperfinite Borel(More)
An analog of ML-randomness in the effective descriptive set theory setting is studied, where the r.e. objects are replaced by their Π 1 1 counterparts. We prove the analogs of the Kraft-Chaitin Theorem and Schnorr's Theorem. In the new setting, while K-trivial sets exist that are not hyper-arithmetical, each low for random set is. Finally we study a very(More)
We study the classes of Buchi and Rabin automatic structures. For Buchi (Rabin) automatic structures their domains consist of infinite strings (trees), and the basic relations, including the equality relation, and graphs of operations are recognized by Buchi (Rabin) automata. A Buchi (Rabin) automatic structure is injective if different infinite strings(More)