Greg Hatfield

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is an increased cancer incidence and mortality in populations exposed to radiofrequency radiations from TV towers. DESIGN An ecological study comparing cancer incidence and mortality, 1972-1990, in nine municipalities, three of which surround the TV towers and six of which are further away from the towers. (TV(More)
This article critically examines the views that psychology first came into existence as a discipline ca. 1879, that philosophy and psychology were estranged in the ensuing decades, that psychology finally became scientific through the influence of logical empiricism, and that it should now disappear in favor of cognitive science and neuroscience. It argues(More)
Psychology considered as a natural science began as Aristotelian “physics” or “natural philosophy” of the soul. C. Wolff placed psychology under metaphysics, coordinate with cosmology. Scottish thinkers placed it within moral philosophy, but distinguished its “physical” laws from properly moral laws (for guiding conduct). Several Germans sought to establish(More)
A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of insulin and glucagon infusion was conducted in 50 patients with acute alcoholic hepatitis. Twenty-five treatment patients received 24 U regular insulin and 2.4 mg glucagon over 12 h daily for 3 wk. Twenty-five control patients received 200 ml dextrose solution in identical bottles over the same time period.(More)
To determine whether results of the aminopyrine breath test, an indirect measurement of functional hepatic microsomal mass, can be correlated with mortality and changes in clinical status and liver function, 51 hospitalized patients who had alcoholic hepatitis were studied prospectively for 3 wk. The aminopyrine breath test was performed weekly, and the(More)