Greg George

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We report a controlled study in which we searched for links between early family adversity and recent interpersonal stress in parasuicidal patients. Our subjects reported fewer adverse experiences in childhood than did the younger, predominantly female, patients investigated in previous studies. Nevertheless, 47% of our parasuicidal group, as compared to(More)
What are the behavioral effects of voluntary self-protection in situations where the probabilities are unknown to the agent? Virtually all naturally occurring environments of risk management involve subjective probabilities, and many allow decision makers to voluntarily mitigate risk using self-protection activities. To examine this environment we design a(More)
Recent epidemiological studies have evaluated the concomitant occurrence of several disorders in children. Over the last few years there have been reports from Anglo-Saxon investigators that many children with attention deficit disorder-hyperactivity also have anxiety disorders. This is the first French study addressing this issue. The prevalence and types(More)
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