Greg G. Rose

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BACKGROUND Osteomyelitis in the foot of a diabetic individual is a common complication of peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, and infection. Operative facilities and home intravenous antibiotic therapy programs may not be available in remote or rural communities. Limited data are available regarding the treatment results of oral(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetic foot ulcers are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. This study evaluated the clinical outcomes in Canadian non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal diabetic patients with foot ulcers managed at a multidisciplinary, tertiary care diabetic foot clinic. METHODS A retrospective review of medical records was done for 325 patients receiving care(More)
Nostalgia, reflecting on the past, has many aspects. At times, we refer to it as a state of mind as in, I’m nostalgic. At times, as a feeling – I’m feeling nostalgic. We sometimes use nostalgia as a way to deal with “in the present” emotions or feelings. For instance, we reminisce about past holidays to feel better about the present [1]. Nostalgia can be(More)
Two years after an extensive health examination at a Swedish industry, a follow-up study was carried out in 110 employees (94% of those initially examined). The control included a history of the subject's health, a physical examination, an electrocardiogram, urine and faeces examinations and 16 chemical analyses of whole blood or serum. Except for repeat(More)
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