Greg Francis

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An analysis of the reset of visual cortical circuits responsible for the binding or segmentation of visual features into coherent visual forms yields a model that explains properties of visual persistence. The reset mechanisms prevent massive smearing of visual percepts in response to rapidly moving images. The model simulates relationships among(More)
In previous work with a neural-network model of boundary segmentation and reset, the percept of persistence was linked to the duration of a boundary segmentation after stimulus offset. In particular, the model simulated the decrease of persistence duration with an increase in stimulus duration and luminance. Further evidence is revealed for the neural(More)
In crowding, target perception deteriorates in the presence of clutter. Crowding is usually explained by pooling models where higher level neurons pool features from both a target and "informationless" flanking elements. Here, we show that such models fail to explain a large body of findings on pattern recognition, thereby undermining the philosophy of this(More)
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