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PLINT is a comprehensive VAX based VLSI chip layout software system. Important features include (1) standard cell row structure layout (POLYPLINT) or randomly placed and sized rectangular macro cells (MACPLINT), (2) unlimited hierarchy, (3) automatic macrocell generation for next hierarchy level, (4) 100% routing, (5) very large chip size and/or complexity(More)
Recently, small and medium businesses have lost millions of dollars from fraudulent electronic financial transactions. This paper reviews the threat and provides guidance for mitigating the threat. These crimes typically begin with a phishing email targeted at the comptroller or other staff in the finance department. After the comptroller's computer is(More)
Recent research has shown that GSM encryption can be cracked with relatively modest resources. This is an important issue as 80% of cell phones use GSM and these users are potentially at risk. These risks can be mitigated with various countermeasures. This paper reviews the risks and possible countermeasures. Recommendations are included for a fictitious(More)
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