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BACKGROUND The medicinal benefits of Echinacea sp. plants in several disease conditions, including insect bites, respiratory ailments, and even cancer and AIDS, have been touted for decades. Echinacea sp.-based phytoceuticals are among the top selling herbals in the Western marketplace today. However, evidence is very scant concerning the effects of using(More)
OBJECTIVE We have previously shown that objective structured assessment of technical skills (OSATS) is an innovative, reliable, and valid method of assessing surgical skills. Our goal was to establish the feasibility, reliability, and validity of our surgical skills assessment instrument when administered in a blinded fashion. STUDY DESIGN A 7-station(More)
Lack of information and misinformation often lead to physicians advising mothers to discontinue breastfeeding because of medication use. Also, many mothers do not adhere to their prescriptions or quit breastfeeding because of medication use. Although in both cases this cessation of breastfeeding is probably based on concern for the infant's safety, the(More)
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