Greg Dunlap

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The paper describes a system, Imsovision, for visualizing object-oriented software in a Virtual Reality Environment. A visualization language (COOL) is defined that maps C++ source code to a visual representation. Our aim is to develop a language with few metaphors and constructs, but with the ability to represent a variety of elements with no ambiguity or(More)
Modularity as an object oriented principle helps to develop appropriate large-scale and complex software. But modularity has some deficits [14] such as modular decomposition etc. , which is not allowed widely using modularity in software development in current years. In this paper some principles have been provided for increase modularity of software(More)
A phoneme-monitoring task was employed to test the effects of clausal structure and lexical ambiguity on sentence processing. Results supported the hypothesis that the clause serves as a psychologically real unit of sentence processing, with the semantic interpretation of each clause being assigned at the clause boundary. The frequency of the ambiguous or(More)
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