Greg Downey

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There has been a sizeable investment in the development of large-scale data and appropriate infrastructures in the physical and biological sciences and increasingly in the social sciences and humanities. Concerns about data sustainability have attracted a great deal of attention as research project data collection represents a significant investment, and(More)
from many domains, including sociology, science and technology studies, computer science, human-computer interaction, and the digital humanities, participated in three days of intensive discussions and breakout groups. This document reports the outcomes, organized around three central questions: How are knowledge infrastructures changing? How do changes in(More)
This paper describes and explains the shift in the database industry's treatment of downloading as an unwanted byproduct of new technology to a product feature in terms of shifts in ―use-regimes,‖ or changes to market practices, legal rules, user expectations and technology-based tools that shape the use of intellectual and cultural property. In the early(More)
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