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The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) is a powerful gaming console that is expected to sell 75 million units by 2010. It provides much the same functionality as a typical desktop computer, and additionally provides the capability of playing Blu-ray movie disks, allows users to partition the hard drive and install a secondary operating system, and forces encryption(More)
The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a powerful gaming console that supports Internet-related activities, local file storage and the playing of Blu-ray movies. The PS3 also allows users to partition and install a secondary operating system on the hard drive. This " desktop-like " func-tionality along with the encryption of the primary hard drive containing the(More)
As virtualization becomes more prevalent in the enterprise and in personal computing, there is a great need to understand the technology as well as its ramifications for recovering digital evidence. This paper focuses on trace evidence related to the installation and execution of virtual machines (VMs) on a host machine. It provides useful information(More)
A plug computer is essentially a cross between an embedded computer and a traditional computer, and with many of the same capabilities. However, the architecture of a plug computer makes it difficult to apply commonly used digital forensic methods. This paper describes methods for extracting and analyzing digital evidence from plug computers. Two popular(More)
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