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OBJECTIVE Psychotic symptoms are common in the population and index risk for a range of severe psychopathological outcomes. We wished to investigate functional connectivity in a community sample of adolescents who reported psychotic symptoms (the extended psychosis phenotype). METHOD This study investigated intrinsic functional connectivity (iFC) during(More)
Human eye can generally distinguish objects from each other or from their background, if the difference in luminance or color is large. This paper concentrates on the luminance portion and makes an attempt to characterize perception detection to varying contrast which is explained in contrast sensitivity terms. This is accomplished using sinusoidal test(More)
BACKGROUND Many medications administered to patients with schizophrenia possess anticholinergic properties. When aggregated, pharmacological treatments may result in a considerable anticholinergic burden. The extent to which anticholinergic burden has a deleterious effect on cognition and impairs ability to participate in and benefit from psychosocial(More)
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