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The orientational behavior of microtubules assembled in strong magnetic fields has been studied. It is shown that when microtubules are assembled in a magnetic field, they align with their long axis parallel to the magnetic field. The effect of several parameters known to affect the microtubule assembly are investigated with respect to their effect on the(More)
The protein transcription factor IIIA (TFIIIA) is involved in the synthesis of 5S RNA in vitro by RNA polymerase III. It can be isolated from Xenopus laevis oocytes as a 7S particle in which the protein is associated with 5S RNA. Recently it has been shown that the native particle contains 7-11 zinc atoms. Analysis of the amino-acid sequence of TFIIIA(More)
When isometrically contracting muscles are subjected to a quick release followed by a shortening ramp of appropriate speed (V(o)), tension decays from its value at the isometric plateau (P(o)) to <0. 05 P(o) with the same time course as the quick part of the release; thereafter, tension remains at a negligible level for the duration of the shortening ramp.(More)
Copper and zinc K-edge-extended X-ray-absorption fine structures were measured for the metal sites of freeze-dried bovine superoxide dismutase and the model compounds tetrakis(imidazole)cupric nitrate and tetrakis(imidazole)zinc perchlorate. Detailed simulation of the spectra indicates that the copper site of the enzyme is best fit by co-ordination of four(More)
Zn-metallothionein 1 from rabbit liver was investigated by means of Zn K-edge extended X-ray-absorption fine structure (e.x.a.f.s.). Also, the Cu and Zn K-edge e.x.a.f.s. were measured for two samples of mixed Cu Zn-metallothionein 2, with Cu/Zn ratios of 5:2 and 6:3, from pig liver. Detailed simulation of the Cu sites shows a primary co-ordination with(More)
We have investigated the accessibility of the Taxol-binding site and the effects of Taxol binding on the structures of assembled microtubules. Taxol and docetaxel readily bind to and dissociate from microtubules, reaching 95% ligand exchange equilibrium in less than 3 min under our solution conditions (microtubules were previously assembled from(More)
We have studied the self-association reactions of purified GDP-liganded tubulin into double rings and taxoid-induced microtubules, employing synchrotron time-resolved x-ray solution scattering. The experimental scattering profiles have been interpreted by reference to the known scattering profiles to 3 nm resolution and to the low-resolution structures of(More)
Using synchrotron radiation and whole muscles, 2 ms time-resolved x-ray diffraction patterns were recorded at 8 degrees C. The results show that in both isotonic and isometric contractions, as well as in length changes imposed at maximum tension [Po], the meridional third myosin layer line consists of two distinct reflections with different intensities and(More)
Phosphocholine moieties decorating the pneumococcal surface are used as a docking station for a family of modular proteins, the so-called choline binding proteins or CBPs. Choline recognition is essential for CBPs function and may also be a determinant for their quaternary structure. There is little knowledge about modular arrangement or oligomeric(More)
Addition of the antimitotic drug vinblastine to solutions of purified tubulin induces the formation of helical polymers whose structure and type of aggregation is determined by the concentration of magnesium. While paracrystalline arrangements of single coils are observed at low concentrations of the ion, for concentrations higher than 6 mM free(More)