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Electrical stimulation of peripheral nerve in man has been shown to produce cerebral responses (Dawson, 1947), and analysis of these responses has made clear the need for some means of investigating the nature of the sensory afferent volleys concerned. Experiments carried out in 1945 suggested that it was sometimes possible to record through the skin action(More)
  • Greg Dawson
  • Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and…
  • 1947
THE discharges which occur in the electroencephalogram (EEG) during myoclonic seizures have been described by Grinker, Serota, and Stein (1938), by Gibbs and Gibbs (1941), and by Jasper (1941a). None of these workers reported any effects of sensory stimulation on -the course of the seizures or on the characters of the disturbances in the EEG. Two patients(More)
1. In anaesthetized rats, the area of the cerebral cortex where the electrical response to stimulation of the fore or hind paw has a minimum latency was found to bear a fairly constant relation to bony landmarks of the skull. Reasons are given for accepting the site of minimum latency as being the area most closely associated with the periphery.2. In(More)
Does the maturity of an organization’s information systems (IS) unit have a measurable impact on the organization’s financial performance and is that increased maturity acknowledged by the stock market? Drawing on existing IS maturity literature and organizational performance research, this paper proposes to analyze archival data to assess the impact of IT(More)