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Many video and image coding standards such as MPEG, H.261, H.263, and JPEG are based on the discrete cosine transform (DCT). They subdivide images or frames into blocks that are encoded independently. DCT coeecients that are considered to be less important are discarded. The achievable compression ratios are normally limited by visible discontinuities along(More)
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This paper introduces an electronic circuit implementation of an integrate-and-fire cell. The cell generates output current pulses when the input light intensity exceeds a given threshold. A firing cell also transmits its firing pattern to neighbouring cells, thereby causing blocks of cells to fire in synchrony when their detectors receive similar input(More)
This paper presents the results of a study to examine the feasibility of Electrocardiogram (ECG) data compression using the lapped orthogonal transform (LOT). The blocking effects in the reconstructed signal are shown to be reduced, while the bit rate and the performance of the proposed scheme remain the same as compared with the traditional discrete cosine(More)
This paper describes an attempt to combine advantages of the signed digit number representation, applied at the word-level, and the residue number system applied at the digit-level, to achieve arithmetic decomposition of high-radix systems. Also introduced is a new decomposition algorithm for multiple-output Boolean functions based on partition products.(More)
In this paper, a rate-distortion function (RDF), R(D), is presented for a variable block-size classiication (VBSC) model. We obtain a theoretical R(D) bound on the performance of vector quantization (VQ) based on the VBSC model. It is theoretically proved that the R(D) bound of the VBSC model is lower than those of the Gaussian model and the xed block-size(More)
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