Greg Byrne

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BACKGROUND Coeliac disease is a multifactorial inflammatory disorder of the intestine caused by ingestion of gluten in genetically susceptible individuals. Genes within the HLA-DQ locus are considered to contribute some 40% of the genetic influence on this disease. However, information on other disease causing genes is sparse. Since enterocytes are(More)
We establish conditions for distinguishing between two topologically identical strange attractors that are enclosed by identical bounding tori, one of which is generated by a flow restricted to that torus, the other of which is generated by a flow in a different bounding torus and either imaged or lifted into the first bounding torus.
We use an autonomous three-dimensional dynamical system to study embedded vortex structures that are observed to form in computational fluid dynamic simulations of patient-specific cerebral aneurysm geometries. These structures, described by a vortex which is enclosed within a larger vortex flowing in the opposite direction, are created and destroyed in(More)
  • Caroline O 'sullivan, Peter O 'hare, Greg Byrne, Liam O 'neill, Katie B Ryan, Abina M Crean +2 others
  • 2011
Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating of hard tissue implants is widely employed for its biocompatible and osteoconductive properties as well as its improved mechanical properties. Plasma technology is the principal deposition process for coating HA on bioactive metals for this application. However, thermal decomposition of HA can occur during the plasma deposition(More)
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