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Challenge-Based Learning
A sampling of challenge-based approaches to education and community outreach are explored in this special issue of Education Week.
The Internet of Everything
IEEE/IBM Watson Student Showcase
Developed by students at NYU, the Miface project uses IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer module to refine user labels for each expression to enrich the ability of computational agents to understand and generate meaningful nonverbal cues for human interaction.
21st Century Pong
  • Greg Byrd
  • Education, Physics
  • 28 October 2015
Cornell University students built a system that tracks a Ping-Pong ball in real time and keeps score and analyzes a video stream to track the location of the ball and to automatically keep score.
Programming quantum computers: a primer with IBM Q and D-Wave exercises
This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to quantum computing. It will feature the three pillars, architectures, programming, and algorithms/applications of quantum computing. Its focus is on
Tactile Digital Braille Display
Students at North Carolina State University enhanced Polymer Braille's multiline braille display by adding new interactive features, additional rows of characters, and a mobile-device interface.
General Ishii Shiro: His Legacy is That of Genius and Madman
Degree Name MA (Master of Arts) Program History Date of Award 5-2005 Committee Chair or Co-Chairs Henry J. Antikiewicz Committee Members Stephen G Fritz, Ronnie M. Day Abstract This paper covers the
Seeing Is Understanding
To help teach object-oriented programming, students at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia created a self-paced, interactive program that associates code with visual cues to reinforce the
Spotlighting Student Innovation
This new column provides a space for undergraduates in computer engineering and science to share their capstone project designs.
Cycling through Cyberspace
Students at the University of Brasília set out to build a better exercise bike, and created the Bike-X simulator, a virtual cycling experience designed by engineering students at the Gama Campus.