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Planning and monitoring a trip is a common but complicated human activity. Creating an itinerary is nontrivial because it requires coordination with existing schedules and making a variety of interdependent choices. Once planned, there are many possible events that can affect the plan, such as schedule changes or flight cancellations, and checking for these(More)
The Web is based on a browsing paradigm that makes it difficult to retrieve and integrate data from multiple sites. Today, the only way to achieve this integration is by building specialized applications, which are time-consuming to develop and difficult to maintain. We are addressing this problem by creating the technology and tools for rapidly(More)
The possibility of immersing a user into a virtual environment is quickly becoming a reality. At the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) we are exploring the unique new challenges presented by such systems in the context of our own implementation, the Media Immersion Environment (MIE). A novel aspect of immersive environments is the new data types that(More)
Immersive environments are those that surround users in an artificial world. These environments consist of a composition of various types of immersidata: unique data types that are combined to render a virtual experience. Acquisition, for storage and future querying, of information describing sessions in these environments is challenging because of the(More)
Although much has been written about various information integration technologies, little has been said regarding how to combine these technologies together to build an entire " virtual " application. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of TheaterLoc, an information integration application that allows users to retrieve information about(More)
Recent research has made it possible to build information agents that retrieve and integrate information from the World Wide Web. Although there now exist solutions for modeling Web sources, query planning, and information extraction, less attention has been given to the problem of optimizing agent execution. In this paper, we describe Theseus, an efficient(More)