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A robust, reliable, and efficient implementation of the primal-dual interior-point method for linear programs, which is based on three well-established optimization algorithms, is presented. The authors discuss the theoretical foundation for interior-point methods which consists of three crucial building blocks: Newton's method for solving nonlinear(More)
It is well established by precedence and current practice that the demand(s) for higher computer performance continues to grow. Note that when we say "computer performance" we are considering the system view; processors, infrastructure, peripherals and networks. The feature set of the computer system that is desired is well understood. The ability of the(More)
1 This paper presents a detailed workload characterization of important technical and Java™ applications used in the industry, on the Itanium2 processor. We present a detailed performance study of four major classes of technical applications: 1-Crash finite element analysis (LS-Dyna3D). 2-Structural analysis (Nastran). 3-Computational fluid dynamics(More)
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