Greg Astfalk

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The Exemplar X-Class is the second generation SPP from HP/Convex. It is a ccNUMA (cache coherent nonuniform memory access) architecture comprised of multiple nodes. We describe the evolution from the first generation systems to the current Sand X-class systems. Each node may contain up to 16 PA-8000 processors, 16 Gbytes of memory and 8 PCI busses. The peak(More)
A robust, reliable, and efficient implementation of the primal-dual interior-point method for linear programs, which is based on three well-established optimization algorithms, is presented. The authors discuss the theoretical foundation for interior-point methods which consists of three crucial building blocks: Newton's method for solving nonlinear(More)
This paper presents a detailed workload characterization of important technical and JavaTM applications used in the industry, on the Itanium2 processor. We present a detailed performance study of four major classes of technical applications: 1Crash finite element analysis (LS-Dyna3D). 2Structural analysis (Nastran). 3Computational fluid dynamics (Star-CD).(More)
It is well established by precedence and current practice that the demand(s) for higher computer performance continues to grow. Note that when we say "computer performance" we are considering the system view; processors, infrastructure, peripherals and networks. The feature set of the computer system that is desired is well understood. The ability of the(More)
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