Greg A Chung-Yan

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This study examines the interactive relationship between job complexity and job autonomy on job satisfaction, turnover intentions, and psychological well-being. It was hypothesized that the positive or motivating effects of job complexity are only realized when workers are given enough autonomy to effectively meet the challenges of complex jobs. Results(More)
In the authors' 2-dimensional model of prejudice, explicit and implicit attitudes are used to create 4 profiles: truly low prejudiced (TLP: double lows), aversive racists (AR: low explicit modern racism/high implicit prejudice), principled conservatives (PC: high explicit modern racism/low implicit prejudice), and modern racists (MR: double highs). Students(More)
This report describes the creation of scales to measure trust in teams and trust in a team leader in the context of small military teams. This work is divided into four sections. The first section includes a review of existing literature on the measurement of trust in others, trust in a leader and trust in teams. From this, implications for future measures(More)
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