Gregório Varvakis

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The effective creation of Virtual Enterprises emerges of a previous work and environment called recently as Virtual Organisations Breeding Environment. The framework here proposed is one of the results of five years research project in the field of Collaborative Network Organisations. This paper describes a framework to create and support the Virtual(More)
Over the last decades there has been a growing interest on developing research and formulating public policy by using the Innovation Systems approach. However, as evidenced on the academic literature there is a lack of systematic, chronological and synthesizing studies indicating how this field has evolved over time. This paper has as main objective to(More)
Evaluating innovation competence and practices is a significant and complex issue for many contemporary organizations and it presents itself as a challenge for forthcoming initiatives. In this article, we present the case study of a small hightechnology firm. Cianet Networking is a digital communication solutions manufacturer in Brazil that went through the(More)
There is an increasing concern on the part of corporate sector of the importance to harness knowledge as their most valuable resource. The purpose of this work is to identify the effects of knowledge reuse in service systems. In order to achieve this, a system dynamics model of a Brazilian software-house’s technical support service is presented, emphasizing(More)
The organizational culture is one of the most difficult aspects which resist change in companies. However the organizational culture influences the level of flexibility, adaptability and ability to learn. Current essay discusses the issue that emotion space, established by the interactive patterns within the organization, is the key to define organizational(More)
The acquisition process of knowledge by organizations is not easy and its spread among individuals, organizations and networks is even more complex. The understanding of the mechanisms involved in the knowledge flow between organizations can help to minimize the problems associated with processes in supply chains. In this paper, we present a systematic(More)
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