Greetje de Vries

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It has been proposed that insulin-mediated changes in muscle perfusion modulate insulin-mediated glucose uptake. However, the putative effects of insulin on the microcirculation that permit such modulation have not been studied in humans. We examined the effects of systemic hyperinsulinemia on skin microvascular function in eight healthy nondiabetic(More)
To test the hypothesis that free fatty acids (FFAs) modulate microvascular function and that this contributes to obesity-associated insulin resistance, hypertension, and microangiopathy, we examined the effects of both FFA elevation in lean women and FFA lowering in obese women on skin microvascular function. A total of 16 lean and 12 obese women underwent,(More)
An indirect immunohistochemical technique is described for identification of the prostatic origin of metastases in formalin fixed, paraffin or paraplast embedded material. A rabbit antiserum against the prostate specific acid phosphatase isoenzyme was developed. The method is applicable with or without previous decalcification. In 30 cases of prostatic(More)
Regional ischemia was produced in isolated perfused pig hearts and in hearts in situ, by clamping the left descending coronary artery. Intramural and epicardial DC electrograms were recorded from multiple, regularly spaced sites in the central ischemic and border zones and in the normal myocardium. Subepicardial transmembrane potentials were recorded with(More)
This randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial investigated the effect of 3 months of treatment with calcium dobesilate on endothelium-dependent vasodilation, markers of endothelial function, blood pressure, and markers of oxidation in obese, male smokers. Vascular effects may depend on the type of vessel and we, therefore, investigated(More)
Polystyrene tubes were coated with IgG, isolated from antiserum against human prostatic acid phosphatase, and incubated with a known amount of purified antigen as a standard, and sera from patients. The amount of bound prostatic acid phosphatase was established by using its enzyme activity. This was performed either spectrophotometrically with(More)
Improved histochemical techniques for the demonstration of NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase in tissue sections are described. With these techniques a semipermeable membrane is interposed between the incubating solutions and the tissue sections preventing diffusion of enzymes into the medium during incubation. In the(More)
Demonstration of prostate-specific acid phosphatase by immunologic methods in tissue sections or in plasma necessitates a monospecific antiserum. This is produced by immunizing rabbits with pure prostate-specific acid phosphatase antigen, prepared from seminal fluid. The ejaculate is centrifuged, dialyzed against a citrate buffer, pH 4.8, and centrifuged(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing microangiopathy, hypertension, and insulin resistance. We hypothesized that obesity is a primary cause of microvascular dysfunction, which may contribute to the development of these obesity-related disorders. METHODS AND RESULTS We examined microvascular function in 16 lean (body mass(More)