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From the start of 1994 until 1996 ten patients (eight adults and two children) received cochlear implants after careful preoperative selection in our department. Only the deaf adults implanted with the LAURA cochlear implant were included in this retrospective analysis. In this study, the additional hospital costs associated with cochlear implantations were(More)
The results of startle and acoustic stapedius reflex measurements can be used to subclassify various types of fixation of the ossicular chain. Reflex measurements were performed on a group of subjects with normal hearing and on a group of patients with surgically verified ossicular chain fixation. In 97% of the subjects with normal hearing (n = 30),(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate audiometric and vestibular signs and symptoms in a new DFNA9 family. SETTING Tertiary referral centers. METHODS A multigeneration Belgian family with late-onset progressive sensorineural hearing loss and concomitant ves-tibular impairment with an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance underwent clinical and genetic evaluation.(More)
Case 1: This 52 year old man was admitted to the department of chest diseases on November 18, 1955, with haemoptysis and recurrent bloody sputum for one week. In 1947, on a routine fluoroscopic examination, he was found to have some “opacity” in the apices of both lungs. Although no x-ray film was made at that time, it was thought to be an old and(More)
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