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The concentrations of alpha-acids, beta-acids, desmethylxanthohumol, and xanthohumol were monitored in the hop varieties Admiral (A), Wye Challenger (WC), and First Gold (FG) during the harvest seasons of 2003 through 2005. Hops grown under an organic regimen were compared to plants grown conventionally in hop fields in close vicinity. The concentrations of(More)
Following changes over recent years in fertilizer legislative framework throughout Europe, phosphorus (P) is taking over the role of being the limiting factor in fertilizer application rate of animal manure. This results in less placement area for spreading animal manure. As a consequence, more expensive and energy demanding synthetic fertilizers are(More)
Full: HTML / PDF (726K) Select Citation GC-MS Quantification of Suspected Volatile Allergens in Fragrances. 2. Data Treatment Strategies and Method Performances Maud Bassereau, Alain Chaintreau, Stéphanie Duperrex, Daniel Joulain, Hans Leijs, Gerd Loesing, Neil Owen, Alan Sherlock, Christine Schippa, Pierre-Jean Thorel, and Matthias Vey pp 25 31; (Article)(More)
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