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BACKGROUND It has been shown that in certain populations the prognosis of Hodgkin's disease (HD) has improved markedly since the late 1960s. This has not been formally demonstrated in an Australian population. AIMS To review all patients in Tasmania diagnosed with HD between 1972 and 1992, and to ascertain whether variation in survival is evident in this(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate an efficient and clinically relevant patient specific QA method by reconstructing 3D patient dose from 2D EPID images for IMRT plans. Also to determine the usefulness of 2D QA metrics when assessing 3D patient dose deviations. METHODS Using the method developed by King et al (Med Phys 39(5),2839-2847), EPID images of IMRT fields(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and to analyse the cost-effectiveness of home treatment, including cytotoxic chemotherapy, for cancer patients. DESIGN A restrospective overview of a home oncology nursing service over its first five years (1989-1994), and a detailed cost analysis over 12 months, firstly, by comparing direct costs of chemotherapy(More)
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