Grazziela Niculescu

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There are some strategies regarding SS7 network configuration for the users identification, for example using the local database or the zonal database infrastructure. This paper investigates the both assumptions and concludes that the initial condition can determine the final configuration as mixing solution for the global infrastructure. The four(More)
Admission control is one of the key functions performed by the management of services and network resources in order to guarantee the QoS requirements of different types of traffic flows. In the case of non-elastic traffic streams, the admission control is typically based on a formula derived by assuming that the traffic aggregate may be approximated by a(More)
The paper proposes a method for capacity redimensioning process of cellular mobile networks which take into account the customer retrial phenomenon. The main parameter of this method is the real call blocking probability which can be estimated by analyzing a two dimension Markov chain. Its transition probabilities are governed by two important factors(More)
Multimedia communication services over multi-domain heterogeneous network infrastructure need end to end (E2E) guarantees for quality of services (QoS). In this context, the proper network dimensioning and traffic engineering of each network domain are significantly dependent on the accuracy of the of traffic demand estimation. The aim of this paper is to(More)
”1+1 protection” represents one of the latest methods in MPLS networks. Such method is available for premium customers and consists in traffic duplication by two different paths, in order to prevent informational link from failure. In this article, is presented the influence of this mechanism on the quality of service (QoS). The metrics(More)
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