Grazyna Schmid

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BACKGROUND An association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and lung cancer risk has been suggested. To evaluate this possible association better, researchers need more precise estimates of risk, the relative contribution of different sources of ETS, and the effect of ETS exposure on different histologic types of lung cancer. To address(More)
We conducted a case-control study in 12 European study centers to evaluate the role of occupational risk factors among nonsmokers. We obtained detailed occupational histories from 650 nonsmoking cases (509 females/141 males) and 1,542 nonsmoking controls (1,011 females/531 males). On the basis of an a priori definition of occupations and industries that are(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary mycetoma is a characteristic clinical-radiological lesion due to colonization of aspergillus or candida species in pre-existing pulmonary cavities following a number of diseases. METHODS We revisited 27 records of such admitted patients (19 M, 8 F; range age 16-27 yrs) analysing diagnostic approach and therapy. Predisposing conditions(More)
A patient with painful erosions of the oral cavity and the labia minora developed multifocal blisters in inter-triginous areas. These blisters eroded and evolved into papillomatous erosive vegetations. Histopathology and immunopathological investigations confirmed the diagnosis of pemphigus vegetans, mediated by IgG autoantibodies. The circulating IgG1 and(More)
Cells from hardened formalin-fixed human hearts were isolated with potash lye. In perinatal hearts mitoses and evidence of irregular chromosomal movement such as chromatin bridges and micronuclei were observed in small numbers during normal development. A quantitative analysis of binucleated cells shows 8.8 +/- 5.3% in the left and 11.7 +/- 4.0% in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Human Neutrophil Peptides (HNP) are major neutrophils' products which may contribute to the airway inflammation and lung remodelling during chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We aimed to assess whether HNP sputum concentrations could be used as indicators of airway inflammation and progression towards pulmonary(More)
We report the first case of non-immune hydrops fetalis (NIHF) with trisomy 15q11/17q22.5 resulting from a familial translocation 15/17. Furthermore the cytogenetic findings of 50 cases with hydrops fetalis are presented. Of the 30 cytogenetic analyzable cases 7 showed chromosomal abnormalities (4x45,X; 2x47,XY,+21; 1x47,XY,+13). In every case of NIHF a(More)
A child with a combined trisomy 15q11 and 17q25 shows the typical phenotype of partial duplication 17q. The male fetus developed in the 3rd trimenon of pregnancy a nonimmune hydrops fetalis (NIHF). Analysing the chromosomes of 54 cases with NIHF during the 2nd and 3rd trimenon and after birth we found chromosomal abnormalities in 33% of them.