Grazyna J. Zimowska

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Here we report immunofluorescence localizations of the Drosophila Tpr protein which are inconsistent with a filament-forming protein statically associated with nuclear pore complex-associated intranuclear filaments. Using tissues from throughout the Drosophila life cycle, we observe that Tpr is often localized to discontinuous, likely granular or(More)
PURPOSE Pinin (Pnn/DRS/memA) is a cell-adhesion-related and nuclear protein that has been identified as central in the establishment and maintenance of corneal epithelial cell-cell adhesion. To begin the elucidation of the role of Pnn within the nucleus of corneal epithelial cells, this study was undertaken to identify the proteins that bind to Pnn. (More)
orthodenticle (otd) genes are found throughout the animal kingdom and encode well-studied homeodomain transcription factors that share conserved functions in cephalization, head segmentation, brain patterning, and the differentiation of photoreceptors. Otd proteins have been proposed as ancestral key players in anterior determination despite a high level of(More)
Transcriptional activation of pro-apoptotic genes in response to cytotoxic stimuli is a conserved feature of the cell death pathway in metazoans. However, understanding the extent of this conservation in insects has been limited by the lack of known pro-apoptotic genes in non-drosophilids. Recently, we described the pro-apoptotic genes, Asrpr and Ashid,(More)
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