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Age-related changes in central corneal thickness in normal eyes among the adult Lithuanian population
Background The purpose of this study was to estimate mean central corneal thickness (CCT) and determine whether there are any correlations between CCT, age, and sex in the adult LithuanianExpand
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Central corneal thickness and corneal endothelial characteristics in healthy, cataract, and glaucoma patients
Purpose The aim of this study was to describe and compare endothelial cell parameters and central corneal thickness (CCT) in four different groups of patients (patients with cataract, patients withExpand
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Ocular Surface Reconstruction using Amniotic Membrane following Excision of Conjunctival and Limbal Tumors
Purpose To report the clinical results of patients treated by preserved human amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) following the removal of conjunctival and limbal tumors. Methods RetrospectiveExpand
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Limbal choristomas – analysis of surgical technique and postoperative results (3 case reports)
Purpose To present three case reports of the limbal choristomas.Analyse surgical technique, pathology slides, evaluate postoperative results by anterior optical coherence tomography (OCT) andExpand
Distribution of the central corneal thickness in adult residents of Lithuania
Purpose To determine the distribution of the central corneal thickness by age and gender in Lithuanian population.
Amniotic membrane preservation in RPMI-1640 medium – 5 years experience
Purpose: Present amniotic membrane preservation method using RPMI-1640 medium and brief analysis of performed surgeries. Methods: Amniotic memmbrane preservation and transplantation surgeriesExpand
The correlation between central corneal thickness, ocular and general parameters
Purpose To evaluate central corneal thickness (CCT) of normal Lithuanian population,to describe the relationship between CCT, height,weight, body mass index (BMI), intraocular pressureExpand
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Comparison of the corneal thickness measured by anterior segment optical coherence tomography and specular microscope versus ultrasound pachymetry
Purpose To compare measurements of central corneal thickness (CCT) between the noncontact and contact ultrasound pachymetry and to define endothelial cells density in normal eyes. Methods 60Expand
Full thickness cornea transplantation to lamellar bad managing extensive corneal perforations
Purpose Present surgical techniques for managing extensive corneal perforations. Methods In three eyes of the three patients full thickness to lamellar bad cornea transplantations wereExpand