Grazia Maggio

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We evaluated the ability of general, regional (interscalene block) and balanced anaesthesia (interscalene block supplemented by general anaesthesia) to manage the problems of shoulder surgery. Our results show that general anaesthesia is not adequate. Interscalene block provides intra and postoperative analgesia, allows an early realization of the(More)
This work addresses the potential of using Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) to support urban planning. In the case in point, the tool has been adopted to carry out a census of all the manufacturing plants in the Apulian Region, in the context of a working agreement between the Apulian Regional Board and the Department of Architecture and Urban(More)
We studied three groups of 30 patients each, undergoing minor orthopaedic surgery, anaesthetized with alfentanil (30 micrograms/kg bolus followed by an infusion of 0.3 micrograms/kg/min), thiopental 3 mg/kg and 70% N2O via facial mask. Patients in group I were treated, three minutes before induction, with vecuronium 0.02 mg/kg i.v., while those in group II(More)