Grayson T. Wawrzyn

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The secondary metabolome of Basidiomycota represents a largely uncharacterized source of pharmaceutically relevant natural products. Terpenoids are the primary class of bioactive compounds isolated from mushrooms. The Jack O'Lantern mushroom Omphalotus olearius was identified 50 years ago as a prolific producer of anticancer illudin sesquiterpenoids;(More)
In this study we analyzed the structure and function of a truncated form of hemolysin A (HpmA265) from Proteus mirabilis using a series of functional and structural studies. Hemolysin A belongs to the two-partner secretion pathway. The two-partner secretion pathway has been identified as the most common protein secretion pathway among Gram-negative(More)
The BioBrick™ paradigm for the assembly of enzymatic pathways is being adopted and becoming a standard practice in microbial engineering. We present a strategy to adapt the BioBrick™ paradigm to allow the quick assembly of multi-gene pathways into a number of vectors as well as for the quick mobilization of any cloned gene into vectors with different(More)
The Basidiomycota fungi represent a diverse source of natural products, particularly the sesquiterpenoids. Recently, genome sequencing, genome mining, and the subsequent discovery of a suite of sesquiterpene synthases in Omphalotus olearius was described. A predictive framework was developed to facilitate the discovery of sesquiterpene synthases in(More)
Fungi produce a myriad of terpenoids with a broad range of biological activities, many of which can be adapted to human use. This requires knowledge of the enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of these compounds. Herein, we describe strategies for identification and characterization of putative biosynthetic genes, structural examination of important(More)
Sesquiterpene synthases are responsible for the cyclization of farnesyl pyrophosphate into a myriad of structurally diverse compounds with various biological activities. We examine here the role of the conserved active site H-α1 loop in catalysis in three previously characterized fungal sesquiterpene synthases. The H-α1 loops of Cop3, Cop4, and Cop6 from(More)
Basidiomycetes produce a wide range of industrially relevant natural products. One of the main classes of natural products isolated from fungi are terpenoids, a highly diverse group of secondary metabolites, many of which are bioactive and have been adapted for pharmaceutical purposes. The discovery of a suite of novel sesquiterpene synthases from(More)
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