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This study examined the influence of depression on error-monitoring and behavioral compensation after errors, two important aspects of cognitive control. Undergraduates differing in self-reported depression levels completed a modified Stroop task while error-related scalp potentials were recorded. Behaviorally, participants with higher depression scores(More)
It is apparent that maternal addiction affects the fetus and causes serious problems in the neonatal period. Whether intrauterine exposure to heroin has far-reaching, long-term residual effects remains to be determined. We believe that prospective studies are indicated in order to evaluate the incidence of small head circumference, the pattern of(More)
OBJECTIVE Although acute seizures are common among neonates with arterial ischemic stroke (AIS), the incidence of subsequent seizures is unknown. The goals of this study were to determine the incidence of seizures following hospital discharge after perinatal acute AIS, and to assess lesion characteristics associated with later seizure occurrence. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Perinatal and childhood stroke result in neurological impairment in the majority of survivors, but less is known about patient and parent perception of function following stroke in children. Our aim was to characterize parent-proxy and child-reported health status in children following unilateral arterial ischemic stroke or intraparenchymal(More)
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