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The wavelet transform (WT) has been developed over 20 years and successfully applied in defect detection on plain (unpatterned) fabric. This paper is on the use of the wavelet transform to develop an automated visual inspection method for defect detection on patterned fabric. A method called direct thresholding (DT) based on WT detailed subimages has been(More)
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Vectorless power grid verification algorithms, by solving linear programming (LP) problems under current constraints, enable worst-case voltage drop predictions at an early design stage. However, worst-case current patterns obtained by many existing vectorless algorithms are time-invariant (i.e., are constant throughout the simulation time), which may(More)
An evaluation of a low-cost, small sized solid state accelerometer is described in this paper. The sensor is intended for positioning of a mobile robot or platform. Acceleration signal outputted by the sensor is doubly integrated with time which yields the traveled distance. Bias offset drift exhibits in the acceleration signal is accumulative and the(More)