Grant Wishart

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1. Introduction In recent years, withdrawal of marketed drugs including sertindole, grepafloxacin, and terfenadine owing to prolongation of the length of time between the start of the Q wave and end of the T wave on an electrocardiogram (QT interval) has prompted considerable effort in trying to establish the molecular basis of this potentially lethal(More)
Fowl and turkey spermatozoa, when diluted in a glutamate-based medium and incubated at 40\s=deg\Cunder aerobic conditions showed a similar rate of oxygen utilization and maintained similar cellular ATP concentrations. Under anaerobic conditions , the glycolytic metabolism of fowl spermatozoa was sufficient to maintain a high ATP concentration, whilst turkey(More)
Protein kinases constitute an attractive family of enzyme targets with high relevance to cell and disease biology. Small molecule inhibitors are powerful tools to dissect and elucidate the function of kinases in chemical biology research and to serve as potential starting points for drug discovery. However, the discovery and development of novel inhibitors(More)
Novel, low brain penetrant, orally bioavailable CB1 receptor agonists were designed starting from a mature lead series of potent brain penetrant CB1 receptor agonists. Increasing the calculated polar surface area was found to be a good strategy for reducing brain penetration whilst retaining drug-like properties. This in silico approach led to the discovery(More)
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