Grant Stenhouse

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AIMS To discover whether variations in thyroid transcription factor 1 (TTF-1) staining in different subtypes and patterns of pulmonary adenocarcinoma are related to the putative origin of the tumour. In addition, to confirm the specificity of TTF-1 for pulmonary (as opposed to other sites) adenocarcinoma, to examine the possible prognostic relevance of(More)
AIMS To analyse the demographic data from fatalities arising directly from illicit drug abuse in the Grampian area and compare the findings with trends in drug seizures in Grampian to ascertain if these reflect the recorded deaths, and to attempt to identify a subgroup of the abusing population which might be at greater danger from overdose of controlled(More)
99mTc-methylene diophosphonate from two manufacturers was compared with 99mTc-ethane hydroxy diphosphonate in a randomised trial to assess the relative blood clearances and the subsequent image quality. The 99mTc-methylene diphosphonate preparations were found to be superior with respect to both blood clearance and subjectively assessed image quality,(More)
A 54 year old man presented with a six month history of abdominal pain. A computerised tomography scan showed a well defined intra-abdominal unilocular mass with a calcified wall just superior to the bladder. At laparotomy, pseudomyxoma peritonei was discovered, together with a midline abdominal mass adherent to the anterior abdominal wall originating from(More)
BACKGROUND To report a rare case of eyelid eccrine porocarcinoma and compare this to previous documented cases in the literature. MAIN OBSERVATIONS We report a case of an 86-year-old man who presented with three months' history of irritation in the right eye, who was found to have an irregular nodule on lower eyelid, which was later diagnosed as eccrine(More)
AIMS To record the concentration of morphine in post-mortem blood samples from fatalities arising directly from illicit drug abuse in Grampian, Scotland and to explore whether there is any difference in the morphine levels with co-existent drugs especially alcohol and benzodiazepines. METHODS Drug-related deaths that had positive blood toxicology for(More)
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