Grant R. McMillan

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Based on the hypothesis that diabetic foot lesions have a mechanical etiology, extensive efforts have sought to establish a relationship between ulcer occurrence and plantar pressure distribution. However, these factors are still not fully understood. The purpose of this study was to simultaneously record shear and pressure distributions in the heel and(More)
The current method of visualizing pressure and shear data under a subject's foot during gait is the Pedotti, or "butterfly" diagram. This method of force platform data visualization was introduced in the 1970s to display the projection of the ground reaction force vector in the sagittal plane. The purpose of the current study was to examine individual(More)
Alterations of cerebral gas tensions and performance in response to hypoxia, with or without 5% CO2 in the ambient inspirate, were studied in eight conscious rhesus monkeys. The animals were trained to perform a lever press (Sidman) avoidance task. Physiological and performance data were obtained during exposures to normal (21% O2) and hypoxic (12, 10, and(More)
In devastating neurological disorders, such as quadriplegia resulting from high-level spinal cord injury, it is essential to focus on functions that have been spared and optimally exploit them to enhance the individual's quality of life. It follows that certain muscles, which prior to the paralysis of much of the rest of the body seemed to have no useful(More)
An acrylic head enclosure, permitting rapid exchanges of atmospheric gases, was developed for investigations of physiologic and performance responses of small nonhuman primates to graded hypoxic hypoxia and hypercapnia. The total system included a neck yoke plate which served both as a physical barrier to arm and hand movements in the head area and as a(More)