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This study tested the feasibility of using audio recorders to collect novel information about family interactions. Research into corporal punishment (CP) has relied, almost exclusively, on self-report data; audio recordings have the promise of revealing new insights into the use and immediate consequences of CP. So we could hear how parents respond to child(More)
Ontologies (i.e. formalized models of real world domains and systems) are becoming mainstream in the representation and man-agement of data, information and knowledge. In software engineering, however, the adoption of ontology-driven methods and techniques is still at an initial stage of definition and gestation. A series of initiatives by both academic and(More)
This workshop represents the 6th in a series of OOPSLA workshops focusing on the impact of semantics on the development and re-engineering of software systems. These workshops include three on 'Semantics of Enterprise Integration' (2001-2003), one on 'Legacy Transformation' (2004) and one on 'Semantic-Based Systems Development' (2007).
Software systems are intrinsically complex from a number of perspectives. The level of complexity is increasing due to the growing need to integrate different and diverse systems in order to achieve organizational goals (evolving toward ecosystems as an ideal). Effective integration may be argued as important as, from a knowledge-based perspective of(More)
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