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Complex environmental health problems--like air and water pollution, hazardous waste sites, and lead poisoning--are in reality a constellation of linked problems embedded in the fabric of the communities in which they occur. These kinds of complex problems have been characterized by some as "wicked problems" wherein stakeholders may have conflicting(More)
This article highlights the juncture between environmental health and health promotion and underscores the need for health promotion involvement in environmental health practice. It begins with a synopsis of current issues in environmental public health and deficiencies in environmental public health practice that could be partly ameliorated by an increased(More)
BACKGROUND The extent to which female physicians personally and clinically adhere to dietary recommendations is unknown and has implications for patients. OBJECTIVES We aimed to identify US female physicians' personal and professional nutrition- and weight-related habits and to identify which, if any, of their personal habits predicted their clinical(More)
OBJECTIVES We estimated national and state trends in opioid agonist medication-assisted treatment (OA-MAT) need and capacity to identify gaps and inform policy decisions. METHODS We generated national and state rates of past-year opioid abuse or dependence, maximum potential buprenorphine treatment capacity, number of patients receiving methadone from(More)
This paper presents a coupled observer that uses accelerometer, gyrometer and vision sensors to provide estimates of pose and linear velocity for an aerial robotic vehicle. The observer is based on a non-linear complimentary filter framework and incorporates adaptive estimates of measurement bias in gyrometers and accelerometers commonly encountered in(More)
The field of environmental health promotion gained new prominence in recent years as awareness of physical environmental stressors and exposures increased in communities across the country and the world. Although many theories and conceptual models are used routinely to guide health promotion and health education interventions, they are rarely applied to(More)
This paper considers the problem of estimating pose from inertial and bearing-only vision measurements. We present a non-linear observer that evolves directly on the Special Euclidean group SE(3) from inertial measurements and bearing measurements, such as provided by a visual system tracking known landmarks. Local asymptotic convergence of the observer is(More)
Motorcycles are an important form of transportation in Uganda, and are involved in more road traffic injuries than any other vehicle. The majority of motorcycles in Uganda are used as motorcycle taxis, better known locally as boda bodas. Research shows that a motorcycle helmet is effective at reducing a rider's risk of death and head injury. As part of the(More)
n engl j med 374;13 nejm.org March 31, 2016 1295 A suppressed thyrotropin level may occur in a variety of conditions (e.g., nonthyroidal illness) and with the use of medications such as glucocorticoids. We do agree that the entire clinical condition (including medications taken and the pattern of the nodule on sonography) must be considered when evaluating(More)