Grant A. Stanley

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This study investigated the biodegradation of high-molecular-weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in liquid media and soil by bacteria (Stenotrophomonas maltophilia VUN 10,010 and bacterial consortium VUN 10,009) and a fungus (Penicillium janthinellum VUO 10, 201) that were isolated from separate creosote- and manufactured-gas plant-contaminated(More)
The development of new wine yeast strains with improved characteristics is critical in the highly competitive wine market, which faces the demand of ever-changing consumer preferences. Although new strains can be constructed using recombinant DNA technologies, consumer concerns about genetically modified (GM) organisms strongly limit their use in food and(More)
29 dyslexics and 29 control children were presented with two halves of a black cross, one-half being presented at varying interstimulus intervals after the other half. Both dichoptic and binocular presentations were used and separation thresholds were at greater interstimulus intervals for the dichoptic condition. Dyslexics had thresholds at greater(More)
INTRODUCTION Drinking has adverse impacts on health, well-being, education and social outcomes for adolescents. Adolescents in England are among the heaviest drinkers in Europe. Recently, the proportion of adolescents who drink alcohol has fallen, although consumption among those who do drink has actually increased. This trial seeks to investigate how(More)
There are a variety of methods available for determining ethanol tolerance phenotypes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Many of these methods are limited in through-put and/or application. We describe here a microtiter-plate, growth-based, liquid-culture, rapid ethanol tolerance assay (RETA) that overcomes these limitations. Determinations of ethanol tolerance(More)
Sixty primigravidae were assessed on the short form of the Stress-Arousal Adjective Check List (SACL) at the commencement of the third trimester of pregnancy. Fifty-four of these were also administered the SACL in the labour ward and at three days after birth. On the first assessment the mean levels for the group of mothers were above normative levels of(More)
Fifty-three patients who had undergone coronary artery bypass surgery 12 to 27 months previously were given four standard personality questionnaires and asked to write about the main effects the operation had on their life-styles. These responses were then content analysed. Although hierarchical grouping analysis indicated that the responses could best be(More)
A group of 10 dyslexic boys and 10 control boys matched for age and nonverbal IQ were asked to draw a person and to write about their favourite television program. The two groups did not differ on mean raw scores or time taken on the drawing but differed in number of spelling errors and writing time. The ratios of spelling/number of words written and(More)
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