Grant A. Cathcart

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We present the usage of an optically transparent Thin Film Transistor (TFT) electrode array to perform arbitrarily spatially confined electrical characterizations of a cell culture. These arrays are a mature technology commonly used in Liquid Crystal Displays, and manufacturable on a scale of up to square meters. Electrical characterization allows one to(More)
Success has been achieved for the first time in stimulating and recording primary cortical neurons using a Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) array substrate. The originality resides in the TFT technology used to fabricate the substrates. Unlike Multi-Electrode-Arrays (MEAs) substrates, usually used for neurons activity recording, TFT array substrates allow the(More)
This paper reports the label-free monitoring of viability of yeast cells using impedance measurements across a Thin Film Transistor gated electrode array verified with simultaneous optical measurements. Previous reports have shown only differentiation between wholly living and dead cultures without gradation using instantaneous electrical measurements. The(More)
Test structures are proposed to characterize Thin-Film-Transistors in array that control a transparent electrode array platform, used for bio-chemical applications. The structures are post-processed electrodes that connect the source terminals of multiple TFTs. This characterization is essential to determine the limits, in terms of sensitivity and operation(More)
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