Gran Badshah

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In teleradiology, image contents may be altered due to noisy communication channels and hacker manipulation. Medical image data is very sensitive and can not tolerate any illegal change. Illegally changed image-based analysis could result in wrong medical decision. Digital watermarking technique can be used to authenticate images and detect as well as(More)
The phenomenon of widespread usage of smart phone has encouraged many android applications to be produced, by free or paid. Nowadays, with the trend of communicating through social networking applications and social networking sites, Muslims tend to share the image of verse from the Quran applications to the sites. Several concerns regarding security and(More)
Medical image is seen as one of crucial data that demand for authentication method in order to ensure that data has not been tampered. This paper has conducted a research proposing a recovery feature in an authentication watermark with spiral manner numbering, which shows a good numbering system of embedding. The schema is a fragile, blind watermarking. The(More)
The open accessibility of Internet-based medical images in teleradialogy face security threats due to the nonsecured communication media. This paper discusses the spatial domain watermarking of ultrasound medical images for content authentication, tamper detection, and lossless recovery. For this purpose, the image is divided into two main parts, the region(More)
With the rapid development of technology in digital multimedia, manipulation and misconduct of digital data are soaring. The watermarking procedure is seen as helpful to protect the security of digital images which are highly confidential such as medical images. In this study, an efficient watermarking method for greyscale images is proposed. The scheme is(More)
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