Grahame Inglis

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BACKGROUND CONTEXT Discectomy is the surgery of choice for the lumbosacral radicular syndrome. Previous studies on the postsurgical management of these cases compare one exercise regime to another. This study compares an exercise-based group with a control group involving no formal exercise or rehabilitation. PURPOSE The outcomes of a formal postsurgical(More)
SUMMARY Patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection vary in their rates of fibrosis progression. The renin-angiotensin system (RAS) regulates fibrosis. Polymorphisms in the genes of the RAS may contribute to the outcome of renal and cardiovascular disease. We studied four RAS gene polymorphisms in 195 patients with chronic HCV infection.(More)
Polyethylene wear debris can cause osteolysis and the failure of total hip arthroplasty. We present the five-year wear rates of a highly cross-linked polyethylene (X3) bearing surface when used in conjunction with a 36 mm ceramic femoral head. This was a prospective study of a cohort of 100 THAs in 93 patients. Pain and activity scores were measured pre-(More)
Eleven patients were reviewed an average of 23 years after they had been treated by excision of a symptomatic calcaneonavicular bar in 16 of their feet. Of these feet 69% (11 feet) had a good or excellent result. Of the five failures, three feet had good results after subsequent triple arthrodesis, but two treated by repeated excision of the bar were still(More)
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