Graham Walters

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A problem that arises in positioning an articulated figure is the solution of 3D joint positions (kinematics) when goal positions, rather than joint angles, are given. If more than one such goal is o be achived, tge problem is often solved interactively by positioning or solving one component of the linkage, then adjusting another, then redoing the first,(More)
LASSETER : Were going to start about 24 seconds early . We've got really a full program here . We'd like to make one announcement first -that there's absolutely no videotaping allowed in this session . If anybody sees someone videotaping next to him, they have the co-chair's permission to beat th e living daylights out of them . By the way, it won't matter(More)
Populations at range limits are often characterized by lower genetic diversity, increased genetic isolation and differentiation relative to populations at the core of geographical ranges. Furthermore, it is increasingly recognized that populations situated at range limits might be the result of human introductions rather than natural dispersal. It is(More)
Preliminary studies have shown that a new caloric testing method described by Proctor and Dix offers several advantages over conventional methods. However, it had not been established that the Proctor-Dix method would prove reliable and practical when routinely applied in a clinical setting. Therefore, we administered the test to 60 patients referred for(More)
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