Graham Walker

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Inhabited television combines collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) with broadcast television so that on-line audiences can participate in television shows within shared virtual worlds. We describe a series of experiments with inhabited television, beginning with the NOWninety6 poetry performance, The Mirror, and Heaven & Hell—Live. These(More)
" Inhabited Television " combines multiuser virtual environments with television, so that online audience-members can participate in TV shows staged in a virtual world. It is presented simultaneously both to conventional passive viewers and to on-line participants. In many cases it benefits from being broadcast live. This paper is based on our fourth major(More)
Inhabited TV combines collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) with broadcast TV so that on-line audiences can participate in TV shows within shared virtual worlds. Three early experiments with inhabited TV raised fundamental questions concerning the extent to which it is possible to establish fast-pace social interaction within a CVE and produce a(More)
This document forms Deliverable D7a.1 of the eRENA project of the i3 schema of the ESPRIT-IV research action of the European Communities. eRENA is concerned with the development of electronic arenas for culture, art, performance and entertainment in which the general citizen of the European Community might actively participate supported by advanced(More)
The fast growing advances in the development and use of computational tools in different engineering fields requires engineers who are well versed in the use of these tools. To address this need we have designed a course called " Engineering Technical and Graphical Communication " to familiarize students with several major simulation packages. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Fever in patients can provide an important clue to the etiology of a patient's symptoms. Non-invasive temperature sites (oral, axillary, temporal) may be insensitive due to a variety of factors. This has not been well studied in adult emergency department patients. To determine whether emergency department triage temperatures detected fever(More)