Graham W R Coker

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Stakeholders in plantation forestry are increasingly aware of the importance of the ecosystem services and non-market values associated with forests. In New Zealand, there is significant interest in establishing species other than Pinus radiata D. Don (the dominant plantation species) in the belief that alternative species are better suited to deliver these(More)
Biological invasions can cause major ecological and economic impacts. During the early stages of invasions, eradication is desirable but tactics are lacking that are both effective and have minimal non-target effects. Mating disruption, which may meet these criteria, was initially chosen to respond to the incursion of light brown apple moth, Epiphyas(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Although density-specific stiffness, E/rho, (where E is Young's modulus and rho is wood density) is often assumed constant by the elastic similarity model, and in determination of critical buckling height (H(crit)), few studies have tested this assumption within species. Here this assumption is tested for Pinus radiata growing across an(More)
In a capture-mark-recapture fish density estimate carried out in a small freshwater pond in southern Ontario, Canada, a lift net and minnow traps were used as catching gear. Both worked well for initial captures, but most recaptures were in the traps. Density estimates within reasonable confidence limits were possible for only two species, creek chub(More)
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