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Real-time reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) is the most suitable method for the detection and quantification of mRNA. It offers high sensitivity, good reproducibility and a wide quantification range. Today, relative expression is increasingly used, where the expression of a target gene is standardised by a non-regulated(More)
Particles are random sets whose position and orientation are irrelevant. They are traditionally handled by calculating summaries of shape, such as compactness and elongation, or by deening landmarks, whose positions are then subject to statistical analysis. It would be advantageous in many applications if shape variability could be addressed without the(More)
  • M Marnane, D Ni Chroinin, E Callaly, O C Sheehan, A Merwick, N Hannon +9 others
  • 2011
OBJECTIVE In the North Dublin Population Stroke Study, we investigated the risk of recurrent stroke within the 14-day time window recommended for endarterectomy. METHODS In a population-based prospective cohort study, all ischemic stroke patients were identified over 1 year and categorized into those with (CS-positive) and without (CS-negative)(More)
In crop variety registration, visual scores of a plant's appearance are widely and routinely used to establish variety differences. This makes it an ideal candidate for automating through machine vision. This paper describes the outline of a planned system for searching for matches between images from new candidate varieties and those stored in a database(More)
The most lethal aspects of gastric adenocarcinoma (GA) are its invasive and metastatic properties. This aggressive phenotype remains poorly understood. We have recently identified neuroepithelial cell transforming gene 1 (NET1), a guanine exchange factor (GEF), as a novel GA-associated gene. Neuroepithelial cell transforming gene 1 expression is enhanced in(More)
In our post-genomic world, where we are deluged with genetic information, the bottleneck to scientific progress is often phenotyping, i.e. measuring the observable characteristics of living organisms, such as counting the number of fruits on a plant. Image analysis is one route to automation. In this paper we present a method for recognising and counting(More)