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Amphiboles are hydrated mineral silicates five of which occur in asbestiform habits as asbestos grunerite (amosite) asbestos, riebeckite (crocidolite) asbestos, anthophyllite asbestos, tremolite asbestos and actinolite asbestos] and non-asbestiform habits (grunerite, riebeckite, anthophyllite, tremolite and actinolite). The asbestiform varieties are(More)
In a cohort of some 11,000 men born 1891-1920 and employed in the Quebec chrysotile production industry, including a small asbestos products factory, of 9780 men who survived into 1936, 8009 are known to have died before 1993, 38 probably from mesothelioma--33 in miners and millers and five in factory workers. Among the 5041 miners and millers at Thetford(More)
  • G W Gibbs
  • 1979
A review of 15,689 chest radiographs of Quebec chrysotile miners and millers, representing the latest film prior to November 1, 1966, for all such persons ever x-rayed, identified 206 men with pleural calcification. Of these, 198 had worked in the Thetford Mines area, 6 at Asbestos, and 2 at St. Remi de Tingwick; 2.5%, 0.08%, and 1% of the films from these(More)
A health study was conducted in three communities in the greater Montreal region; the first two were characterized by relatively high particulate and sulfur dioxide levels, respectively, and a third community without major industrial pollution. In each community, 300 men and women 45 to 64 yr of age were studied. Residents of the two more polluted(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the mortality of Quebec aluminum smelter workers employed before 1951. METHODS The mortality of 5,977 men hired at three plants on or before January 1, 1951 was compared with that of Quebec men. Relationships to benzo[a]pyrene, benzene-soluble material, and smoking were examined. RESULTS Statistically significant causes of death(More)
OBJECTIVE To monitor changes over time in mortality of workers first employed in Quebec aluminum smelters after January 1, 1950 (1951-one cohort). METHODS Mortality of cohorts by decade of hire was compared with Quebec and same plant experience before 1950 (1951). RESULTS Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and respiratory cancer (one cohort each)(More)
  • G W Gibbs
  • 1985
The mortality experience of 5,406 men (cohort I) employed at one aluminum smelter on Jan. 1, 1950, and 485 men employed at a second plant (cohort II) on Jan. 1, 1951, is reported. For each man, the total number of years of exposure to tars, the number of years since first exposure to tars, and an index of exposure to tars expressed in tar-years were(More)