Graham S Fairweather

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Recent crystal structures of cysteine dioxygenase (CDO) suggest the presence of two posttranslational modifications adjacent to the catalytic iron center: a thioether cross-link between Cys93 and Tyr157 and extra electron density at Cys164 which was variously explained as cystine or cysteine sulfinic acid. Purification of recombinant rat CDO yields “mature”(More)
Four novel heterobimetallic ate complexes containing cis-2,6-dimethylpiperidide (cis-DMP) have been prepared and characterised. Two contain one cis-DMP ligand, namely the bisalkyl-amido lithium, and sodium zincates [(TMEDA) x MZn(cis-DMP)(tBu)2] (M = Li for 1, Na for 2). Both 1 and 2 are synthesised by co-complexation of the respective alkali metal amide(More)
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