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The European Union has established an “open method of coordination” (OMC) among the Member States, as a means of pursuing economic and employment growth, coupled with greater social cohesion. The paper analyses the assumptions underlying this strategy, the manner of its operation and its implications for policy learning and for governance. It argues that(More)
Free and total ibuprofen levels in serum and synovial fluid (SF) were determined in one male and 14 female arthritic patients (mean age 56 yr, range 19 to 77) after 400 mg three times daily for 2 days. Free drug was separated by ultrafiltration and assayed by a new highly sensitive and precise gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric technique. Total protein(More)
We search an autocatalytic structure in networks of technological fields and evaluate its significance for technological change. To this aim we define a technology network based on the International Patents Classification, and we study if autocatalytic structures in the network foster innovation as measured by the rate of production of patents. The network(More)
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